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At Hosea, We are committed to provide quality products to you adhering to the quality standards.

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Hosea Trading is engaged in Export of seeds, pulses, spices and coffee products

We set the benchmark for quality and efficiency in the export business.


Our stringent policies make sure that food handling and trading is in accordance with international quality standards.

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Trust is a pillar of our services. Our transparent and reliable operations ensure that you feel at ease with our services.


We make every effort to achieve the maximum possible standards to deliver what we promise on time to customers and suppliers.

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Our Export Products

We offer a wide range of products. This include seeds, pulses, spices and coffee. We have a friendly and experienced Sales Team

Sesame Seed

 Crop feature: – grows only in tropical areas with 90-120 frost- free days

Ground Nut

Crop feature:- Nuts contain the essential fatty acids linoleic and linolenic acids

Niger Seed

Crop feature: – Moderate rainfall between 1,000- 1,250 mm annually.

White Pea Beans

Crop feature:- source of dietary fiber, cooper, manganese and folate.


Ethiopia has a broad genetic diversity among its coffee varieties

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